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Why Montessori?

Trevor Eissler -
Author of "Montessori Madness!” and advocate for the benefits of Montessori Education.

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Research Supporting Montessori Education

Dr. Steve Hughes - 
Paediatric Neuropsychologist and Assistant Professor of Paediatrics and Neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Montessori Books by Maria Montessori

​​"The Discovery of the Child​"
​​"The Absorbent Mind​"
​"The Montessori Method​"
​"The Secret of Childhood"

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

The official website for AMI Montessori.  Links to information about Montessori education, resources, research, publications as well as information about Montessori worldwide.  ​​​​​


Grace and Courtesy in Montessori Curriculum

M aria Burke -  
Montessori trained Educator, Family and Lifestyle Blogger and owner of Lighthouse Learning, LLC creating supplemental educational materials.

More articles and parent resources on her website.