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Montessori Village (also known as Guildwood Village Montessori School) is a well established private school located in the beautiful Highland Creek Village that offers Montessori education to children between the ages of 18 months and 13 years.  For over 20 years, we have been committed to cultivating curiosity and discovery in every child.  Our aim is to make their environment as enriching as possible. 

Each classroom is set up as a mini-community consisting of at least three consecutive ages.  Directing each of these student communities are adults who have been carefully trained in teaching, caring, helping, sharing, and observing.  We are a dedicated group of trained Montessori teachers, drawn together by our love for children and passion for guiding young minds.  We offer our personal gifts, our skills and our training to provide your child with a complete education through the respectful application of Montessori principles.  We at MVEC strive to work together with parents and families to offer children the gift of learning.
In our school, all children have the opportunity to grow, learn and find a place in society. The children who make up our classrooms are varied in race, religion, physical strength, academic ability, and emotional independence.  Our classroom environments are enriched by the qualities of each individual child.
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Our school is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Our school is a member of Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS).

Message from the Director

 ​My name is Asha Shreves and I am a certified AMI Montessori Directress who has been teaching children for 13 years in the GTA and Durham Region.  I have experience both as a teacher and as a school Administrator.  I come from a long legacy of educators and I am the daughter of a seasoned  AMI Directress.  The desire to be a teacher was in me from a very young age. While growing up in India and many other parts of the world, I developed an appreciation for culture and diversity, and more so, was deeply impacted by the warmth and nurturing of a few caring teachers who crossed my path.  Through my own experiences as a student, I learned the power and responsibility one holds as an educator in shaping the trajectory of a child’s life.  This, coupled with my family’s legacy, has fuelled my passion for impacting the lives of the future generation.  

It is my strong conviction that all students will internally lay the foundation for their personalities and characters at a very young age.  I believe that all students can learn given a positive and enriching learning atmosphere that welcomes discovery through exploration and enhances student confidence.  Moreover, it is my view that an educator’s duty is to make school enjoyable and exciting.  My aspiration is to see children grow into adults who are independent, responsible, and compassionate innovators.  It is my ultimate vision to bring free Montessori education to the lives of children internationally in countries less privileged than Canada who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to learn.  I welcome you to come tour our school and I sincerely hope that you will find Montessori Village to be a second home for your child.

Our Teachers 

Corrinne Henriques
Veronica Psotka
Veronica is no stranger to MVEC. Once a student at the school (then known as GMVS) from age 3 to 13, Veronica has been exposed to Montessori Philosophy her entire life.  She is a certified AMI Casa Directress and has worked at Montessori Village in that capacity for the last three years.

Prior to that, she worked at MVEC as an assistant in the various classrooms for 7 years; first as a summer job throughout university and then as a full time assistant. She then decided to complete her AMI training and become a teacher.  Veronica is also the Site Supervisor for the Lower Casa licensed program.  

Veronica brings her knowledge and experience to the classroom as a former student, assistant and now Directress.  She is fun loving and engaging with her students and challenges them to explore the many possibilities of the Montessori materials.  
Leila Adham
As a certified Primary AMI  Directress with 16 years experience, Corrine has a gift for facilitating calm in the classroom and inspiring young learners to explore and investigate new learning opportunities. 

In 1989, she graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.  It was not until 1999 that an opportunity arose to become a music teacher at a Montessori school.  Her time at the school really left a lasting impression on her with regard to the methods of education, and the way the children responded to the knowledge that was being made available to them. She then enrolled in an A.M.I teaching program and completed it in 2001. That same year, upon migrating to Canada, she started at MVEC (then known as GVMS). 

She enjoys being a daily fixture as well as striving to make a difference in a child's life. Each day she learns something new from the wonderful children that grace our classrooms, and it is this joy that has accompanied her for the last sixteen years at MVEC. Corrine is our Lower Casa teacher.
Leila is a trained TMI Elementary teacher who joined the MVEC community last year.  She has over 15 years of experience in education and can trace her teaching experience back to her own childhood when she attended her mother’s non- traditional School. Those early years provided her with an enriched foundation and many wonderful memories that cemented a desire to combine her love for children and teaching in a non-traditional system.  

Leila began her educational career in Iran as a high school Math and Science teacher then as an Elementary teacher for about 16 years.  After coming to Toronto to complete her M.S. in Mathematics, she began her studies to become a T.M.I. Certified Montessori teacher.  Immediately, she knew she’d made the right choice in career path - an environment that holds and respects each child’s natural talent and learning style.  

She brings a passion for learning to the classroom and enjoys looking for ways to enhance the school environment. She loves to see the curiosity of children and to provide opportunities for their confidence to grow as they explore our world. It is her pleasure to encourage them to ask questions and to open their eyes to learning opportunities.